Geography Model Making Exhibitions of Class 7

Landforms created by Endogenic and Exogenic Forces

An exhibition was organised by the Geography department on 1 August 2013 where the talented students of Class 7 demonstrated their model making skills. The topic was “Landforms created by Endogenic and Exogenic Forces”. The venue was the Junior Science Lab from 3rd to 8th period.

There were 42 participants. The visitors who appreciated the exhibition were the well known industrialist Mr Walia accompanied by the Principal, Dr D.R.Saini, the Headmistress Mrs Anita Singh , parents , teachers, all sections of class 7 and certain sections of class 11 and class 9.

The event was a huge success with teachers and parents appreciating the efforts put in by students. It was eco-friendly as the children had recycled a lot of material from old shoe boxes to sofa fillings, coke bottles and old notebook covers and refrained from using thermocol. Nikita Baijal, Aakanksha and Asmita Mitra of class 7 gave a live demonstration on how to make a volcano using paper mache, plaster of Paris, old shampoo and coke bottles and acrylic paints.