French Exchange Programme

Our school has been having exchange programmes with schools in France for several years. The exchange programme with  Lycée St. Ambroise in Chambery, France began in 2007. The fourth exchange programme with Lycée St. Ambroise, Chambery, is currently underway.

A total of  25 French students accompanied by 3 teachers: Mr. Pierre Guillot, Ms. Muriel Bouvier and Ms. Nadège Tissot visited our school from 17th  to 26th  October 2017. The French students stayed with their Indian counterparts, students of Classes 9 and 10. They were very pleased to be here during the festival of Diwali. This gave the students a glimpse of traditional Indian culture and an overall insight into a vast array of customs present in our society. The French students interacted with the Principal, Ms. Vanita Sehgal upon their arrival in school. They were invited to attend a morning routine assembly and some classes alongside their Indian hosts, so as to gain a firsthand experience of the Indian educational system. They also visited iconic Indian landmarks such as Gandhi Smriti, Lodhi Garden, Humayun’s tomb, etc.

On the final day, the school hosted a farewell dinner for the visiting delegation. The French students also cooked some traditional French dishes for the Indian families.The exchange was a fruitful learning experience for students of both countries and it gave our students an excellent opportunity to interact with native French speakers and to get a keen insight into the French culture.

Our students will be visiting Chambery, France in May 2018.