‘Fantastiske Danmark’

Twenty students from Classes IX and XI accompanied by Vice Principal Dr. Renu Nayar and the Head of Department of Biology, Ms. Niva Chhonkar attended the Environment Camp at Copenhagen, Denmark from 29 September to 06 October 2017.

The students went on the river cruise and got an opportunity to see the Danes’ architectural prowess and their historical monuments. The city had a unique blend of modern and traditional architecture and buildings,  that made it stand out. They visited the famous Stroget Street. ‘Twisted Torso’ building and  the famous little mermaid were added attractions.  Students visited Malmö Moderna Museet (Modern Museum) in Sweden for an exhibition by Mr  Ulf Rollof . The students walked through beautiful parks and riverside pathways to reach the Malmö Castle.

The students visited Gladsaxe Gymnasium and Søborg, a Senior High School in Copenhagen and discussed  differences in culture, education, social interaction, lifestyle and waste management in India and Denmark  with the Danish students.

The visit to the school  concluded with a lively bhangra performance by the girls and a medley of songs by the boys. A traditional Kathak solo performance was also presented, which mesmerized the audience. Indian students visited Danish Homes too. Students also got the taste of Danish cuisines and the popular Danish Lurpak® butter. They also learnt that the Danish alphabet has three letters not found in the English alphabet: Æ, Ø, Å. All three are vowels and come after the letter Z in the alphabet. Students learnt about Danish currency that is, ‘Kroner’

They also visited the Waste Recycling Centre and Kornberg castle. William Shakespeare set his famous play Hamlet at Elsinore Castle, which is directly modelled on this Castle

A visit to the Danish Water Forum headquarters and an aquarium called Den Bla Planet-the Blue Planet was an eye opener where they met the creator of online Water Management game ‘Aqua Republica’ .

The trip was a great opportunity to learn about not only Scandinavian methods of conserving the environment, but also enriched the pupils about their historical and social culture. The trip gave them knowledge, invaluable experiences and golden memories.

 Fantastiske Danmark’ indeed!