The Geography Department organised a workshop on “Environment and Origami” for a hands on skill addition to the academic knowledge that the class VII acquired in the first month about their environment. It took place on 6th May 2016.Four volunteer learners from sections VII A-K (44) were trained by the in-house class XII and X experts: Arzoo Walia(XII W), Vasundhara Adil(X G), Priyal Jain (X K), Shreeya Singhal(X K) and Vernica Jain (XG)

The class VII students came to the Open Air Theatre prepared with origami sheets and loads of enthusiasm. They learnt how to create an animal, a bird, a tree and a flower each. The joy over a successful creation was for all to see.
The Vice Principal, Mrs Anita Singh, Ms Rupa Das (Head of the department of Geography) , and other faculty members of various departments came to watch the activity. Ms Sangita Bajpai organised the event.