ENVIRONMENT QUIZ ON PETROLEUM CONSERVATION”Conserve fuel to save health and environment”

Environment Quiz - Winners

Pollution remains a major problem and poses continuing risks to health. The problems are undoubtedly greatest in the developing world, where traditional sources of pollution such as industrial emissions, poor sanitation, inadequate waste management, contaminated water supplies and exposures to indoor air pollution from biomass fuels, fossil fuels  affect large numbers of people.

Fossil fuels — coal, petroleum, and natural gas —our main sources of energy, produce the vast majority of fuel, electricity, and heat used by people across the globe. Unfortunately fossil fuels are also the primary culprit.

The aim of the quiz was to create awareness towards environment conservation by conserving fuel so that the students take  proactive and preventive measures to curb pollution.

The Quiz comprised of selected questions from the topics like Global Warming, energy sources, energy conservation, Fuel conservation techniques, effects of air pollution and environmental facts based on flora and fauna of India.

The Online Quiz was open to all the students of Classes VI to XI. They could access bit.ly/dpsenvquiz by using their school id between 8 pm to 9pm on February 1, 2016.

The qualifying marks for the quiz were 40%. The marks scored and correct answers were also mailed to the students. The names of the 18 students scoring 75% and above are given below:

Sno Rank Name Class Section Scores Email/UserName
1 1 Shubham Seth 10 M 59 r18491shubham@dpsrkp.net
2 2 Saicharan Ritwik Chinni 8 H 58 v06963saicharan@dpsrkp.net
3 3 Gunjan Anand 9 H 55 e08839gunjan@dpsrkp.net
4 4 Vinayak 11 O 54 r17904vinayak@dpsrkp.net
5 5 Siddhant Parekh 8 E 53 e09172siddhant@dpsrkp.net
6 5 Tez Padhee 11 M 53 r19326tez@dpsrkp.net
7 5 Malvika Yadav 11 S 53 e08355malvika@dpsrkp.net
8 6 Maanya Sareen 6 B 52 e09622maanya@dpsrkp.net
9 7 Shreeya Singhal 9 K 51 v06599shreeya@dpsrkp.net
10 7 Pranjal Mittal 11 M 51 e08444pranjal@dpsrkp.net
11 7 Rupali Saini 11 P 51 r19361rupali@dpsrkp.net
12 8 Aman Raj 6 B 50 v08914aman@dpsrkp.net
13 8 Prashita Biswas 9 M 50 e08879prashita@dpsrkp.net
14 8 Jasrine Kaur Dham 11 W 50 e08443jasrine@dpsrkp.net
15 9 Anshika Kakkar 6 F 49 e09663anshika@dpsrkp.net
16 9 Arpit Das 8 J 49 r17969arpit@dpsrkp.net
17 9 Debmeet Banerjee 10 I 49 r18484debmeet@dpsrkp.net
18 9 Madhav Rastogi 11 C 49 r19521madhav@dpsrkp.net

The students were very enthusiastic about the quiz and appreciated a lot. They look forward to participate in more environment quizzes.The Coordinators of the Quiz were Mr Mukesh Kumar, Head, Computer Sciences and Ms Niva Chhonkar, Environment Club Incharge.