‘Enriching Health, Hygiene and Sanitation’ Talk for DPS R.K.Puram Staff

A Health, Hygiene and Sanitation Talk was conducted on 17 October2014 for the DPS R.K.Puram staff in the Audio Visual Hall by the school doctor, Dr Pushpinder Singh. Dr Singh spoke about the importance of cleanliness at home and at the workplace. He cited a common practice of not segregating and disposing waste properly and showed how this could lead to vector borne diseases like diarrhoea. He highlighted that maintaining personal hygiene by bathing every day, trimming nails and hair, brushing teeth twice helps in warding off common diseases. He said that life style disorders like diabetes, hypertension can be controlled with a proper diet (fibre from fruits and whole grains) and regular exercise. The Vice Principal, Ms Shobha Mehta delivered the vote of thanks.

Pamphlets on ‘Health, hygiene and Sanitation tips’ were distributed to the staff members. The pamphlet focused on ‘A good clean start, a fresh new you, a happier and healthier family’. Staff members were advised to eat at least 5 different vegetables everyday especially green leafy ones, to eat less of processed food, to turn off mobile phone at times to enjoy nature, have at least one meal with the family and to inculcate healthy habits in the children too. In all, staying fit,active, with good sleep, relaxation, consuming less salt and maintaining a healthy body weight and a healthy heart are the keys to happy healthy life.

School Doctor,Dr Pushpinder Singh conducting the Health, Hygiene and Sanitation Talk for DPS R.K.Puram Staff