Educational trip by the Geography students of Class XII, for a Socio Economic Survey  to  Nuh Mehwat Village , Haryana

An educational trip on 27 October, 2018, by the Geography students of Class XII , for a Socio Economic survey, as a part of their practical syllabus  to  Nuh Mehwat village in Haryana, turned out to be an enriching and eye- opening educational experience for the students.

Nuh Mehwat has been adopted by the NGO, Sulabh International. Sulabh took over the responsibility to make the lives of the villagers a better, safer and hygienic one. Students were very excited to conduct the survey. They visited each house individually and conducted the survey very enthusiastically, sensitively and politely.Visits to such places are highly encouraged, since these make the students aware of the problems the majority of people in India face. These shape the minds of the students to become more empathetic and aware. This will make them better citizens of our nation.

Indeed, the visit to Nuh Mehwat was an eye opening experience for both the students and the teachers. Ms. Rupa Das, HOD, Geography organised the trip. Ms. Anupama Das and Ms. Mahima Goel from the Department accompanied the students. It was coordinated by the NGO,  Sulabh International.