The Earth Day celebrations were held at Delhi Public School, R. K. Puram on the 22nd of April 2016 to create awareness about the need for a green and clean environment. The students and teachers of the school marked the occasion by dressing in green.

The event commenced with the lighting of the lamp. The guests were welcomed with a song by the Indian Vocal choir of the school. The chief guests for the event were Mr. Pramod Grover, Vice Chairman, Managing Committee, DPS R. K. Puram and Honorary Treasurer, DPS Society; Dr. B. C. Sabata, Department of Environment, Government of India. Present at the event were the Principal, Ms.Vanita Sehgal; the Vice Principal, Dr. Renu Nayar and the Headmistress, Ms. Anita Singh. The event coordinators,Ms. Niva Chhonkar, Head of Department of Biology and Mrs. Rupa Das, Head of the Geography Department were also there. The Principal, Ms.Sehgal addressed the audience and spoke on the need for individual action to curb pollution. Dr. Sabata emphasized on the need to preserve the earth for the good of humanity.

Students of Classes VI-VIII put up exhibitions on topics like ‘From Garbage to Gold’, ‘Bio-pesticides’, ‘Composting’ and ‘Reusing Waste’. An exhibition of plants and trees found in and around Delhi was put up by the students of Class IX, while Class X students participated in Slogan Writing and Poster Making competitions on topics such as ‘I am Eco-friendly because’, ’Save Earth- Our Home’ ‘Global Warming is real’ and ‘Protect Ozone layer’. SMS Writing on ‘Save Earth initiatives’, Logo Designing on ‘Protect Environment’ and a Photography competition on ‘Nature at its best’ were held for students of Classes XI-XII. The students also keenly participated in the T-Shirt Painting competition.

The school choir performed a self-composition ‘A Gem in the Milky Way’, which was followed by a speech and a dance on the theme, ‘Elements of Nature’. The students of Hope Hall Foundation School, R. K. Puram expressed their views on environment conservation through a musical performance. Following this was a presentation of the year’s activities by the Environment and the Geography Clubs of DPS R. K. Puram. A thought provoking street play on pollution and its repercussions was enacted by the Theatre Club. The chief guest, Mr. Grover, addressed the audience and highlighted the issue of over-population as the biggest hurdle facing the country.

Certificates were awarded to the Environment Club enthusiasts for their achievements in the past academic year. A pledge led by Mr. Grover was taken by the staff members and students of the school to do their own bit in protecting, preserving and conserving the environment. Ms. Anita Singh delivered the vote of thanks. The ceremony concluded with the national anthem.

Sapling plantation was done in the school. A demonstration on the production of clean energy was conducted by the Petroleum Conservation and Research Association (PCRA).

The event was a huge success and the efforts of the Biology and Geography Departments were lauded. The students learnt the importance of mother Earth and the need to preserve it.