Commencement of Class VI (Session 2014-2015)

DPS RK Puram
A – F Wednesday, 2nd April, 2014 9.30 A.M.
G – K Thursday, 3rd April, 2014 9.30 A.M.
  • Class VI will go up to the AVH using the stairs at the back with Class V Reps.
  • Class V Reps will hand over the students to the respective Reps/ Class Teachers of class VI in the AVH.
  • Class Teachers of class VI will remain with their classes throughout the day.
  • Class VI students will sit section-wise.
  • The Principal and the Headmistress will address the students.
  • Class Teachers will be introduced to their respective classes.
  • The Class Teachers will escort the students to their respective class rooms where they will:

    Take the attendance
    Give them the timetable
    Give their phone no. to the students
    Take the students on a round of the school covering the following places:

    • Football Ground
    • Gate to Sports complex
    • Junior Library
    • Computer Labs
    • Clinic
    • Uniform / Book Shop
    • Way to the Staff room / Estate Office
    • D Block Canteen
  • Dispersal on 2nd and 3rd April will take place from the AVH.
  • Class Teachers will escort their students to the AVH after the tour and reach there by 12.30 noon.
  • At 1.00 o’clock, dispersal will be announced by the Reps. As the bus routes are announced, the students will be led by Class VII volunteers who will be holding placards.
  • Private commuters will assemble in the D Block Lounge under the supervision of a teacher who will escort them to Gate no. 1 (Main Gate) at 1.15 pm. Whoever is coming to pick up these students should wait at Gate no. 1 only
  • Class Teachers will make sure that all students have boarded their buses and private commuters have been collected before they leave the school.
  • On 4th and 7th April, the last two periods will be the Class Teachers period who will ensure smooth dispersal with the help of subject teachers(who are free) and the Reps under the supervision of the HM. There after dispersal will take in the last period under the supervision of the subject teachers.