Frameworks ,a club initiated by Vedant Puri Shubham Aggarwal Himanshu Modi,students of class XII D.P.S. R.K. Puram , caters to those interested in architecture and those who possess a strong imagination and showcase unique creativity. The club goes beyond limits in achieving its goals. Frameworks is headed by Mr.Manoj Arora(Physics department)

Each year an eclectic group of members are recruited from the school by an induction test consisting of a quiz or designing test .The club involves all fields of architecture possible at this grass-root level initiative. Frameworks has started an annual competition in the school such as mine craft and blueprint. As we all know extracurricular activities play a dominant role in a student’s otherwise insipid life and in this mini-world of D.P.S R.K. Puram these activities are considered as the adornments of an otherwise austere land. Our club is just another field which students aspire for and we hope to promote active participation, teamwork and coordination; factors which form the pillars of the professional and competitive world.

The club serves as the best medium for this.

We live up to our tagline, we redefine creativity!!



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