About us

Catalyst is a initiative of the students of Delhi Public School R.K. Puram to promote chemistry in school through various intra-school, inter-school and international competitions. The group is mentored by the Chemistry Department of the school which consists of the most qualified and experienced teachers in the country. The group holds various competitions through out the year. The group also takes out a magazine every year called MOLE which consists of articles submitted by both members of the group as well as various students studying chemistry throughout the school.

Aim and Vision

Catalyst aims to promote chemistry as a subject and bring awareness about the every day applications of chemistry from soaps and detergents to high end medicines and electronics. The main aim of the group is to remove the perception of chemistry as a boring subject and a subject that people only study because they are forced to. The group aims to get the students interested in chemistry through various events and activities. The group aims at developing the interest of the students in the school towards this subject so more children pursue this subject in the future and help develop this beautiful subject!


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