Class XII Pre-Board Examination Date Sheet – January 2012

Exam Timing : Classes XII [ 7.45 am to 11.00 am]

Date Subject
09-JAN-2012, Monday Mathematics/Informatics Practice /Physical Education /Psychology/Geography/Sociology / Sanskrit/ Fine Art
10-JAN-2012, Tuesday Prep-Leave
11-JAN-2012, Wednesday English Core
12-JAN-2012, Thursday Prep-Leave
13-JAN-2012, Friday Biology /Economics/Computer Science/Bio-Technology /History/Hindi/Physical Education/Fine Art
14-JAN-2012, Saturday HOLIDAY
15-JAN-2012, Sunday HOLIDAY
16-JAN-2012, Monday Chemistry /Accountancy/ Political Science/Psychology Multi Media & Web Technology/Fine Art
17-JAN-2012, Tuesday Prep-Leave
18-JAN-2012, Wednesday Prep-Leave
19-JAN-2012, Thursday Physics / Business Studies / History / Sociology / Mathematics / Geography
20-JAN-2012, Friday 6th Subject (All Options)

Buses will ply according to the School timings. Students can leave on their own after the Exam.