Class VIII Trip To Agra And Fatehpur Sikri (2018-19)

An educational trip to AGRA and FATEHPUR SIKRI was organised for students of Class VIII from 12-14 October, 2018. A total of 77 students went on this trip accompanied by 8 teachers, Ms. Jyoti Sharma (Trip Incharge) , Mr. Manish Jain, Mr. Aditya Gupta, Dr. Anang Saxena, Ms. Vibha Sidhu, Ms. Sohini Chakraborty, Ms. Ramneet Kaur, Ms. Priyamvada, and Dr. P Chinna. Both students and teachers enjoyed the trip by visiting different places as per the details given below :

  • Day 1: Arrived in Agra and enjoyed DJ music with dinner.
  • Day 2: Students visited Taj Mahal & Red Fort  and enjoyed DJ music with dinner.
  • Day 3:  Visited Fatehpur Sikri and proceeded for Delhi post Lunch.