An intersection written quiz was organized by Club Biologique for the students of class 10 in the 3rd and 4th period, on 10thAugust, 2015 in the Seminar room, Blossoms Block under the guidance of the Teacher In-charge, Mrs. Sushma Sardana. The topic covered a variety of questions from Biology learnt upto high school. The objective was to stimulate the young minds to seek more knowledge, apply concepts learnt in class to analyze common observations and solve problems. 22 teams of two students each from 13 sections participated.

The results of the quiz will help us to nurture young quizzers for future competitions of similar types.
The winners were:
1st Prize: Gaurisha and Siddhant (Class 10 L)
2nd Prize: Niket and Ashutosh (Class 10 D)
3rd Prize: Ritwik and Shaurya (Class 10 E)
The winners were given certificates of merit during the morning assembly.