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International Events

Visit of Dr. Jeff Anderson, from Canada

Dr. Jeff Anderson is an authority in preparing mathematics contests at various levels. He taught mathematics and Computer Science for 30 years and is Head of Mathematics at the collegiate level. He Co –founded ‘Graystone Compression Technologies Inc. that holds

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International rank 1 in IOEL

Ishita Batra, a student of class XII D, DPS R. K. Puram has brought laurels to the school by securing International rank 1 in iOEL ( International Olympiad of English Language ) 2013 organized by Silver zone. She has been

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International French Language Olympiad 2013

Ms Vaishali Kumar of Class 10 J has secured the First Position (State Rank: 1 and International Rank: 1) in the International French  Language Olympiad 2013 organised by Silverzone in association with the French Language Teachers ‘ Association. The Olympiad

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Full Scores in International Examinations

Shreya Vardhan has secured full scores in all the exams for international admission she has appeared in. These include SAT Reasoning test (2400/2400) held on 28th January 2012, Subject SATs – Chemistry (800/800), Physics (800/800), Mathematics level -2 (800/800) held

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