Business Studies Workshop On ‘Updation Of Teaching Methodology’

Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram organized a Business Studies workshop on Saturday, 19th May, 2012 on ‘the Updation of Teaching Methodology in Business Studies’. Over 60 Teachers from various renowned schools of Delhi and NCR were present. The speakers were Dr. Minoo Nandrajog, a former lecturer in Jesus and Mary College, University of Delhi; Mr. Sandeep Sethi, Creative Head of Podar School, Mumbai and a commerce post graduate from Rajasthan University with more than 20 years of teaching experience; Dr. M M Goyal, Principal of PGDAV College, University of Delhi; and Dr. Anand Saxena, Associate Professor of Commerce at Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College, University of Delhi, who has been Academic Secretary at the Institute of Lifelong Learning and has taught in many schools including DPS R.K. Puram.

The programme commenced with a soulful rendition of the saraswati vandana. The Principal, Dr D.R. Saini extended a warm welcome to the guests and teachers present. He emphasized on the need for such interactive sessions and exchange of ideas, and the importance of creating an interest in the subject amongst students through various activities.

The first speaker, Dr. Minoo Nandrajog started the session with practical case studies from the goings-on in the corporate world. She stressed on the importance of adaptation of planning according to change in the business environment and on the need to create and implement new strategies. She mentioned the need for companies to create new products and revalue their prices to keep up with the cut-throat competition in the market. She gave practical examples relating to these topics such as the rise and fall of Infosys, the Reebok-Adidas merger etc. In this way she managed to cover a major portion of the Business Studies course such as Pricing, Product Mix and Changes in Leadership.

Mr.Sandeep Sethi spoke about the 10 mark project that has been introduced into the Business Studies curriculum this year. He talked about the different examples that can be given to the students – such as that of Coke and how the economic conditions of India affected its entry into and exit from the Indian market. He even suggested showing films to students, and taking them for field trips to help them comprehend the project better. His main concern, however, was to motivate the teachers to make teaching more interactive and interesting. He later conducted a Theatre Workshop as well, wherein he suggested the enactment of different topics – such as the principles and techniques of management – in humorous skits.

The third speaker of the day was Dr. M.M Goyal who talked about the trading and settlement procedures in the Indian Stock Market – which is again a portion of the Class XII Business Studies curriculum. He spoke at length about topics such as operational efficiency, informational efficiency, the comparison of order driven and quote driven systems etc. He gave examples out of personal experiences to explain the way the share market has changed over the years – what used to be a long-drawn out process has now been dematerialised and is quick and concise.

The last speaker of the day was Dr. Anand Saxena. He stressed on the need for students to be taught Conscientious Commerce, wherein they are able to distinguish right from wrong. He spoke about how projects can be used to inculcate values in children, and to teach them to give back to society through projects such as “A day with the street vendor” wherein the students engage in social entrepreneurship. Dr.Saxena also said that children should be taught not to be just successful leaders, but effective ones – those who motivate others, and create an environment for better performance. He felt that nurturing talent and adding a personal touch, are key aspects of teaching which motivate students to perform better.
Overall, the workshop was a fruitful one. It was coordinated by the Head of Business Studies Department of DPS R.K.Puram, Mrs.Rashmi Malhotra and her team of teachers.