BioQUIZitive 2018

Biology Quiz ‘BioQUIZitive’ was organised by the students of AIIMS, Ms Lajja Patel, Mr Aditya Singh and Mr Abdur  in the AVH on 12 October,2018 for Class XII Biology students. The quiz was based on Class XII syllabus and there were 4 teams namely; Watson, Darwin, Mendel and Pasteur, with 3 participants in each team. There were 6 rounds: Dry, Connect, Betting, Differential, Calculation and Crossword round with Audience rounds in between. Classes XI and XII Biology sections were the audience who thoroughly enjoyed the quiz.

Ms Lajja Patel, a Second Year student, was Rank 3 at the AIIMS Entrance, has won Gold Medals in the Biology Olympiad at Vietnam and Malaysia in 2016 and 2017, is a NTSE and KVPY scholar, was Summer Intern at a Stanford University, California and was awarded the Sir Dorabji Tata Prize in Biochemistry for excellence in the subject in 2017 at AIIMS.

Ms. Patel shared tips on how to excel in the Board Examinations. She emphasised that we should enjoy what we do and follow our heart and dreams. She asked everyone to be a responsible citizen and realize what the society expects from us.

Winners were the team from Class XII C comprising of Achintya Tyagi, Ankita Phulia and Ishita Yaduvanshi. Class XII B team was second while Class XII A team was third. Ms Renu Nayar, Vice Principal, congratulated all the winners.

Ms Niva Chhonkar, Head of Biology Department, thanked the organisers from AIIMS and the teachers, Ms Kajal Sethi, Ms Shalini Chanan and Ms Kusum Yadav.

Later the students interacted with the organizers to know about preparation strategy for Board Exam and Medical Entrance-NEET.