Awareness Program on the Census of India 2011 at DPS R.K.Puram

The students of Delhi Public School, R.K.Puram had an enriching experience on Friday, January 21, 2011 when they were made aware of the upcoming Census of India 2011to be conducted in February-March.

The Chief Guest of the event was Ms.Varsha Joshi, Director of Census Operations in India who enlightened the students about the project – ‘Census and You’ which has been taken up with a two-pronged approach. The project aims at making all the students aware that a census is taking place and that they have a role in ensuring that the data for their family and the community they reside in, is returned correctly. It is also designed to expose students to the significance of census data in the progress of the country, and to point out how the data can be of use and interest, in itself as a subject of study.

The program began with a welcome song, ‘I believe I can fly’, presented by the school choir. The Principal then addressed the gathering. Having welcomed the Chief Guest and media persons who had graced the event, he went on to enlighten the students on the importance of understanding the nation’s demography and its social and economic structure.

Thereafter the students were made aware of the history of Census of India, its importance in our day-to-day life and its invaluable role in the political structure of our country, by the means of a message sent by the Census Commission.  The students were pleasantly surprised to know that census of India is an exercise comprising over 240 million people.

This was followed by a short skit, ‘Census and You’, which emphasized on the need for families to co-operate with Census officials.
The students then gave a presentation that explained the various aspects of Census and its significance in the disciplines of geography, politics and language.

An engaging quiz that tested the students’ knowledge about the country’s demography was conducted.

The Chief Guest appreciated the students’ enthusiastic participation. She urged the students to keep their family’s census information ready to save crucial time for the enumerators and also spread awareness in their neighbourhood. She asked the students to join the Facebook page – ‘Census2011’ and get updated.

Towards the end, the quiz participants were awarded certificates by Ms. Joshi.

The event successfully inspired the students to be actively involved in the Census exercise.