Autoclub 2018

The Automobile Club of Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram organized a workshop, titled ‘AUTOCLUB 2018’ for all the students of Classes 9-12 on the 12 and 15 October 2018. The workshop was divided into three Interactive sessions, a Quiz and a Group Discussion, and was conducted in the Audio Visual Hall and the Assembly Ground. The purpose of the workshop was to create awareness about the upcoming upliftment in the automobile industries.

Session 1
Presentation And Description Of The Chronology Of Automobiles
Resource Person –Prof. Ankit Sharma and Prof. Ankur Verma from MIET

The workshop commenced with the Vice Principal, Dr. Renu Nayar, felicitating the Chief Guest, Mr. Puneet Agarwal. Prof. Ankit Sharma and Prof. Ankur Verma, Faculties at Meerut Institute of Engineering and Technology (MIET) conducted the sessions. Prof. Ankit Sharma began the session by presenting and describing the chronology of automobiles and their transition from vintage to modern vehicles in the form of a powerpoint presentation and a short video.  Prof. Ankur Verma took over and described briefly the engine, which was to be worked upon in the next session.

Session 2
Engine Dismantling And Assembling
Resource Person – Prof. Ankit Sharma and Prof. Ankur Verma from MIET

The session began with the students from MIET dismantling the Maruti Suzuki MPFI engine while demonstrating each part briefly. They also addressed the working of the engine. After the complete dismantling of the engine, the students from DPS RK Puram were allowed to gain hands-on experience by assisting the professors in assembling the engine.

Session 3
GOKART Vehicle Demonstration

The session started with a brief description of the GOKART, which was self-made by the students of MIET. Adamya Aggarwal, a student of MIET, did the test drive of the GOKART.

The interactive and enriching session came to an end with the Principal, Ms. Vanita Sehgal, proposing the vote of thanks.

Session 4
InCarNation- Self-Made Questions Quiz

A team of 2-3 students, each given an allotted car company, came up with questions about their own companies and models, which were answered by the other teams. The team A consisting of students from Classes 11 and 12 won.

Session 5
A Voice Of Experience-Group Discussion (On The Spot)

In the group discussion the participants were given a topic which was aptly related to automobiles and their future, and involved logical reasoning as well as the applied use of physics. Topics were given to the students 10 minutes before the discussion. Team A again won the discussion by relating logically and rhetorically to the concepts given to them.