Assembly XII-W (12-07-2018)

Class Teacher : Ms Sabreena Bansal
Class Representative: Ms Alinda Hola
Vice Principal : Ms. Padma Srinivasan
Date : 12-07-18
Cultural Programme Incharge : Ms Abha Chona
Photography : Mr Shankar Giri

Topic : Children are not things to be moulded but they are people to be unfolded

It is important to create awareness about the Child’s rights in the society. Childhood can and must be preserved. Children have the right to survive, develop, be protected and participate in decisions that impact their lives. But we all know that children are the most vulnerable part of the society and can easily be targeted.

In India we have enacted many laws & Acts related to children in order to protect them  and give them a better life: The Child Labour Act 1986, The Child Marriage Restraint Act 1986, The Juvenile Justice Act 2000, Right to Education Act 2002.