Assembly XII-W 01-09-2016

Classes: XII-W
Class Teacher : MS. M. SUDESHNA
Class Rep : Mr. Sachinder Sharma/Ms. Romi Sharma/Ms. Alinda Holla/Mr. Ajay Goyal
Vice Principal: Ms. Padma Srinivasan
Topic: Stop Surviving,Start Living
Date :1/9/16

Cultural Program Incharge : Ms. ​Azra Saleem

IT Incharge : Ms. Sarika Kaushal

Photography : Mr. Shankar Giri

“Stop Surviving Start Living” The majority of people now-a-days are like drones. They do the same things day in and day out – while being stuck in various routines;routines that give them the sensation of stability in an unstable and ever changing world. There is no variety other than the regularly changing television programs, new computer and console games or the newest scandals of celebrities. We need to create moments that take our breath away and not be afraid of having dreams,making mistakes and not being everything we can be.