Assembly XII-T 03-08-2017

Class teacher : Mrs. Ritu Nayar.
Class rep. : Mrs. Alinda Holla.
Vice principal : Mrs. Padma Srinivasan.
Topic : Power of imagination is infinite.
Date : 03 August 2017.
Cultural programme incharge : Mrs. Abha Chona.
Photography : Mr. Shankar giri.
Talking about imagination, its boundaries are still to be discovered. Just as the universe, endless and limitless in its very essense, so is the power of imagination, hence, infinite. Imagination starts from where reality ends, it takes perspectives to new heights. The unfathomable power of imagination has successfully played the role of being the driving factor for humans to conquer each and every obstacle that ever hindered their development and continuous advancement. The message, that was successfully conveyed by the students, was that ” Every individual has an infinite power of imagination, but it is important to realise it and use it in good faith”.