Assembly XII-P 02-05-2017

Class Teacher : Ms Sonali Dash
Class Rep :Ms Anubha Gopal
Vice Principal : Ms Padma Srinivisan
Topic : Collect Moments not things
Date : 2 May 2017
Cultural programme incharge : Ms Abha Chona
Photography :Mr Shankar Giri

The class assembly of XII-P on 2 May 2017, was based on the topic “Collect moments, not things”.
It highlighted the role of every moment in one’s life and how those little moments not only add colour to one’s life, but also completely define it! Life’s journey is not worth being wasted. To make life truly worthwhile, we must hold on to the ‘moments’ and not the materialistic addictions.
Life isn’t measured in days or weeks, but in moments. So let’s realise the value of these little moments.