Assembly XII-L 25-07-2017

Assembly XII-L
Class Teacher : Ms Neelam Kataria
Class Rep :Ms Anubha Gopal
Vice Principal : Dr Renu Nayar
Topic : Pandora’s Box
Date : 25 July 2017
Cultural programme incharge : Ms Abha Chona
Photography :Mr Shankar Giri

Synopsis : Martin Luther King Jr. once said,”We must accept finite disappointment but we must never lose infinite hope ”.We come into hard times,we lose hope and we give up.But had we tried a little longer, had we stayed true to
our trade for a little more while ,success would have been ours.In this time of high stress and pressure it is
critical for people not to lose hope but to give one’s best no matter win or lose. Hailing from the lands of Ancient Greece, Pandora the first woman on earth managed to release despair into the world due to a prank played on
her by the gods in the form of a box. Yet the story does not convey the regret or disdain incurred by Pandora but
the fact that she managed to witness the birth of hope, the most powerful force ever.To convey this message
the students of class 12 -L presented plays, speeches, quotes,poetry,dances and more…