Assembly XII-H 10-05-2016

Class: XII-H

Teacher: Ms.Hema Jain

Class Rep: Ms.Romi Sharma

Vice Principal: Dr.Renu Nayar

Topic: A Motley Crew

Date:10 / 5 /2016

Cultural Programme Incharge: Ms.Azra Saleem

IT Incharge: Ms.Sarika Kaushal

Photography: Mr.Shankar

There never were two opinions alike in the world, no more than two hair or two grains; the most universal quality is diversity.” With such a wide variety of characters, differences and difficulties are bound to arise. However, as Class XII-H, with its assembly ’The Motley Crew’, successfully showed, it is this very variety which leads to the development of an abundance of positive themes – leadership, friendship, accepting challenges, teamwork, and getting over fears, to name a few. The class also displayed how the school assembly and the school contribute significantly to personality development of a student. With people of so many different beliefs, hopes, skills, and dreams interacting with each other, the world indeed becomes a beautiful place.