Assembly XII-E 31-08-2017

Class Teacher : Mr. M Hussain
Class Rep :Dr. Shachindra sharma
Vice Principal : Dr Renu Nayar
Topic : Filling the interstices with different hues
Date : 31 August 2017
Cultural Programme Incharge : Mrs Abha Chona
Photography :Mr Shankar Giri

Life is a journey with a start and an end. But in between these two eventualities is a blank canvas, and we as artists must fill this canvas with vivid colours and vibrant hues. This canvas is what defines the length of our life not really the start and end. This gap must not be perceived to be a wasteland but rather an entity with immense possibilities. Like Mendeleev, when we look at the periodic table of our lives these gaps must not be viewed as failures but rather chances to do better and aim higher. As someone rightly said, ‘In your lifetime, what happens to you is just 10% but how you react to it defines the rest of your 90%.’