Assembly XII-B, XII-K (19-07-2018)

Assembly  XII – B

Class Teacher: Mr. Ajay Goel
Class Representative: Ms. Sushma Sardana
Vice Principal: Ms. Renu Nayyar

Date: 19/07/2018
Cultural Programme Incharge: Ms. Abha Chona
Photography:  Mr. Raj Kumar

Topic: Where The Mind Is Without Fear And The Head Is Held High 

The assembly of Class XII-B was based on Rabindranath Tagore’s famous poem “ Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high”. The message of the poem is also applicable to our individual struggles for personal freedom and growth. Through poems, speeches and music, XII B conveyed how letting go of fear plays a key role in the journey to success.

Assembly  XII – K
Class Teacher: Mr. Parminder Chopra
Class Representative: Ms. Alinda Holla
Vice Principal: Ms. Renu Nayar
Date: 19.07.2018
Cultural Programme Incharge: Ms. Abha Chona
Photography: Mr. Raj Kumar

TOPIC: Filtering The Noise

The assembly of XII – K tried to convey the message that media now a days is aggravating the events and issues happening around us which creates negativity in our minds. As educated and responsible citizens, we should filter out the unnecessary and aggravated information and create positivity in the society.