Assembly XI-Q & XI-R 19-01-2018

Class Teachers: Ms. Gurpal Kaur (XI-Q), Ms. Priya Obhrai (XI-R)
Class Representatives: Ms. Sangeeta Misra (XI-Q), Ms. Richa Aggarwal (XI-R)
Vice Principal: Ms. Padma Srinivasan

Date : 19.01.2018

Cultural Programme Incharge: Ms. Abha Chona
Photography: Mr. Shankar Giri

Topic : Carpe Diem

The topic, “Carpe Diem”, which translates to, ‘seize the day’, holds a strong and liberating message: life is now and life will always only be now. The present moment is really all there ever is to experience everything. It is to us to take this responsibility for ourselves and seize it fully. Yet  it also entails the message not to waste a single moment. It means giving our all, being the best we could possibly be. This assembly hopes to inspire the students to live in the present.