Assembly XI-M 18-11-2016

Classes: XI-M
Class Teacher :MS. VANDANA SETH
Class Rep : Ms. Sangeeta Mishra/Ms. Abha Chona/Ms.Richa/Mr. Mukesh Nagpal
Vice Principal: Dr. Renu Nayar
Topic: A Journey Called Life
Date : 18/11/2016
Cultural Program Incharge : Ms. ​Azra Saleem
IT Incharge : Ms. Sarika Kaushal
Photography : Mr. Shankar Giri

At the end of the day, isn’t life a bumpy journey full of ups and downs. It is an assortment of emotions. Throughout this journey, we seek to achieve a solitary thing – happiness, whether it be achieved in the form of success, money, or pure enjoyment. With the change in age, there is a change in perception. However, in this world of change, there is a constant – the path taken to achieve happiness – through hard work, perseverance and determination. We, the civilized wanderers, on a journey, are grateful for this gyrating dynamism, and for this gift of life.XI-M highlighted this through their assembly.