Assembly XI-K & XI-L 17-10-2018

Assembly XI-K & XI-L

Class Teachers: Ms Sarika Kaushal (XI-K), Ms Shalini Monga (XI-L)
Class Representative: Ms. Richa
Vice Principal: Ms.Renu Nayyar
Cultural Programme Incharge: Ms.Abha Chona
Photography: Mr Shankar Giri

TOPIC : “Battleline between good and evil goes through the heart of every man”- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Evils exist in every society as a result of the ever growing greed of mankind. The sad reality of the contemporary setup is that silence enshrouds the virtuous nature of the people. This is because of the fear of repercussions for standing for the right. However, time and again the virtues have emerged victorious. Through this assembly, the students of Class XI-K and XI-L highlight such virtues and the need to imbibe them for a better future.