Assembly XI-G 06-10-2015

Class: XI G
Class Teacher : Ms.Tandeep Kaur
Class Rep : Mr. Mukesh Nagpal/Ms. Abha Chona/Ms. Alinda Hola/Ms. Sangeeta Mishra
Vice Principal: Ms. Shobha Mehta
Topic: Footsteps to peace
Date : ​6​/10/15

Cultural Program Incharge : Ms. ​Anuradha Dang

IT Incharge : Ms. Sarika Kaushal

Photography : Mr. Shankar
Video : Mr. Joseph

XI G demonstrated how Inner peace is the key for peace in the world. You cannot have world peace with individuals who are boiling from the inside and ready to explode. If such people are at the helm of affairs then not only the person explodes, but the countries and communities explode. So what are the footsteps to peace? In order for us to create peace in the world, we have to bring it back to ourselves first. In order for peace to begin in us, we have to begin to notice our own thoughts, our own feelings and the patterns that we are perpetuating in our own lives, and begin to correct that step-by-step in order to have a wider impact in our community or in the world at large. Find our path to inner peace, and walk it until it is so well trodden, we rarely take any other path.