Assembly XI-C 13-08-2014

  • Topic: Freedom-what it means to different people
  • Class Teacher : Ms. Lalita Srinivasan

In celebration of Independence day,class XI-C showcased how freedom does not only mean the freedom of a nation, but has various meanings and students can also relate to it. For eg. In 11th, children had to be make a decision and and choose the subjects that they love and want to excel in, but most of the them were influenced by their parents and friends, so as students, freedom from peer pressure, freedom from parents’ forced decisions and being independent, are the main objectives.

As citizens, misuse of freedom is also a great concern. XI-C wanted to shown through their assembly that freedom should be used judiciously and correctly eg. we all have the right to education but most of the population in the villages is not educated. We have the right to run for president or prime minister, to run the govt. etc but many politicians these days misuse their power and engage in corruption. Freedom also means the freedom of every religion from discrimination, stereotypes and prejudice. Also, being free from modern and traditional influences, finding a balance between them and being oneself. The objective of the assembly was to remind everyone to let go, believe in themselves and do whatever they love and whatever they want to, while keeping ethics and justice in mind, using their freedom in the right way.