Assembly XI-B 04-08-2015

Class: XI B
Class Teacher : Ms. Kajal Sethi
Class Rep : Mr. Mukesh Nagpal/Ms. Abha Chona/Ms. Alinda Hola/Ms. Sangeeta Mishra
Vice Principal: Ms. Shobha Mehta
Topic: Time Unfolds The Journey Of Life
Date : 4/8/15

Cultural Program Incharge : Ms. ​Anuradha Dang

IT Incharge : Ms. Sarika Kaushal

Photography : Mr. Shankar
Video : Mr. Joseph

Through our assembly we are trying to show each transitional phase of life. The phases whose experience turn us into what we are. We are showcasing the charm each phase carries with it. We also bring forward the message of living each moment of life to the fullest instead of waiting for the some perfect time to take place. We need to ignore the imperfections of our lives and making most with whatever is granted to us. ‘live everyday as if its your last’