Assembly XI-A & XI- B  2-11-2017

Class Teachers:  XI-A  Ms. Usha Diptivilasa / XI-B  Ms. Kusum Yadav
Class Representative : Ms. Sangeeta Misra
Vice Principal : Dr. Renu Nayar
Date : 2 November 2017
Cultural Programme Incharge :  Ms. Abha Chona
Photography Incharge : Mr. Shankar Giri

TOPIC : Kites fly higher against the wind

The way kites fly against the wind is amazing, they don’t fly with the wind. Though the turbulence in the air forces the kite to lose track and move here and there, the kite still manages to manoeuvre itself using aerodynamic skills.

When circumstances are against, the general trend is to lose hope and surrender. This is when one should take inspiration from these kites. Sky is never the limit for those who have the will and determination to be successful. More the challenges, sturdy would be the success.