Assembly X-I & X-J 31-10-2014

Topic: Woman empowerment (X-J)

Woman is one of the greatest institutions which this land can boast of. But man does not realize her value. A similar thought was voiced by Kofi Annan, “There is no tool more effective than the empowerment of woman”. To further elaborate on these thoughts students of our class gave powerful speeches to express their heartfelt gratitude on this issue. Since ancient times, woman have been taken for granted. Despite being ill treated and discriminated against, they sacrifice everything for their loved ones. A woman brings us to this beautiful world, raises us and makes us who we are but her sacrifices are forgotten. Man has always considered her to be inferior to him in all walks of life. Her cries of pain are ignored and her value is undermined. Her upliftment is important.  “Woman is a companion of man, gifted with equal mental capacity” were the inspiring words of Gandhiji. A woman should be given respect and should be loved as much as she loves you.