Assembly X-B 24-04-2015

Class: X-B
Class Teacher : Ms. Shalini Monga
Class Rep : Ms. Anjana Virmani/Ms. Kavita Saxena
Headmistress: Ms.Vanita Sehgal
Topic: ‘Today is the future, There is no tomorrow’

Cultural Program Incharge : Ms. Usha Diptivilasa
IT Incharge : Ms. Sarika Kaushal

Photographer : Mr. Shankar
Videographer : Mr. Joseph

The central idea of the assembly was to emphasise the value of time and the importance of not procrastinating and leaving things till the next day. Living in the moment, tells us to enjoy every moment, as it doesn’t come back. ‘Seize the day’ was the main point of interest of the show and was portrayed through various ways .