Assembly IX-M 19-01-2017

Class: IX-M
Class Teacher : MS. MANU GUPTA
Class Rep : Ms. Ritu Kumar/Ms. Ashima Aggarwal
Vice Principal: Ms. Anita Singh
Topic: Harvest Festival: A Festival Of Joy and Thanksgiving
Date : 19/1/2017
Cultural Program Incharge : Ms. Binu Channan
IT Incharge : Ms. Sarika Kaushal
Photography : Mr. Shankar Giri

Seasonal and harvesting festivals are celebrated to mark the change of seasons and harvesting of crops but what remains enshrouded within is that these festivities also symbolize joy and thanksgiving. The sun signifies knowledge, spiritual light and wisdom. the Harvest festival teaches us to turn away from the delusional darkness and live joyously.

Through this assembly, the students of 9M,enlightened everyone about the harvest festivities. They requested everyone to let the light within themselves shine brighter and brighter ,to grow with serenity and purity, greatness and pride, just as the sun does blessing us with all these festivities.