Assembly IX-H 27-08-2015

Class: IX H
Class Teacher : Ms. Arti Trivedi
Class Rep : Ms. Sunita Johar/Ms. Taruna Didi
Headmistress: Ms. Vanita Sehgal
Date : 27/8/15

Cultural Program Incharge : Ms. Usha Diptivilasa
IT Incharge : Ms. Sarika Kaushal

Photography : Mr. Shankar
Video : Mr. Joseph

Honesty refers to the quality of being honest, truthful and sincere. An honest man is a fearless and courageous. He does not bow his head before others. He can face any situation in life with courage and confidence. A dishonest man thinks that he will become rich by dishonest means but this is not right. An honest man may be in trouble for want of money. But he will be happy in the end. Money or wealth got through dishonest means does not last long. We earn it today and waste it tomorrow. A dishonest man is fearful, immoral and corrupt. He has no internal happiness. An honest man may be poor, but he is fearless, happy and content. He is respected by all but a dishonest man is hated in the society. So we should all believe in the saying ‘HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY’.