Assembly IX-D 20-10-2016

Class: IX-D

Class Teacher : MS. NISHA KIRAR

Class Rep : Ms. Ritu Kumar/Ms. Ashima Aggarwal

Vice Principal: Ms. Anita Singh

Topic: If you want to shine like a sun first burn like a sun

Date : 20/10/2016

Cultural Program Incharge : Ms. Binu Channan

IT Incharge : Ms. Sarika Kaushal

Photography : Mr. Shankar Giri

The topic of the assembly “If you want to shine like a sun, first burn like a sun” was taken from one of the inspirational quotes by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. The quote tells us the importance of hard work for achieving success in life. All of us dream, but only a few are actually able to fulfill and live their dreams. Only those who have conviction to perspire succeed in painting the canvas of their dreams with the colors of hard work and efforts.