Assembly IX-D 04-12-2014

‘Topic: Kitabon ki Duniya’ (World of Books

The topic of this assembly was ‘Kitabon ki Duniya’ (World of Books). The assembly emphasised on the importance of books and the uses of books.Books are the only ones which are always there for us. They are the friends who won’t ever leave us. They are our best friends. The assembly brought various books to light such as  ‘Rashmi Rathi’ by Ram Dhari Singh Dinkar, Les Miserables by Victor Hugo and Deewane Ghalib. There was a dance performed on Amir Khusro’s famous poem, ‘Chap Tilak Sab Cheeni Re’.All the girls  and boys of the class participated. The assembly was started by the recital of Safdar Hashmi’s poem, Kitaben Bolti Hain. It was a learning experience for everybody.