A seminar was conducted by the Psychology Department on 6th May 2016 on Psychological Disorders for the psychology students of classes 11th and 12th. Dr. Sameer Guliani, a psychiatric consultant at Fortis Hospital and an alumnus of DPS RKP conducted the seminar, touching upon several domains of importance in psychology such as Historical views, myths and stigmas surrounding mental illnesses and an introduction to the prevalent psychological disorders in society today. The seminar covered different facets of personality disorders ranging from Neuro-cognitive, Depressive and Dissociative disorders to Impulse control and Gender Dysphoria. Students were also enlightened about the differences between Factitious and Malingering disorders and the ensuing personality disorders that follow as a result. The event came to a close with an interactive Question and Answer session wherein students sparked active discussion by broaching subjects related to socio-cultural phenomenon and widely prevalent disorders such as Munchausen’s Syndrome and the like.