71st Independence Day Celebration

Dear Parents

We, at Delhi Public School, R K Puram, would like to make the 71st Independence Day one that we all will cherish. Let us infuse in ourselves the patriotic fervor and celebrate the occasion in the school premises from 8.30 a.m. to 12 noon.

After the Flag Hoisting Ceremony, we will hold various competitions to mark the occasion. The details are given below:

Department Theme /Activity Time Allotted Rules/ Instructions
English Tricolour Verses’– Poetry Composition & Recitation
(for Classes VI-VIII)
‘At Cross Purposes’
Turncoat Debate
(for Classes IX-XII)
15 +1 min.
1 Min.
Students compose a poem using picture prompts and recite their self -composed poems.
Each speaker argues for and against the motion for 1 minute each. The topic will be given on the spot.
Hindi संवाद – सृजन
( देशभक्ति के  मूक दृश्य दिखाकर संवाद लेखन )
प्रस्तुती करण की अवधि -एक मिनट कक्षा – छठी, सातवीं एवं  आठवीं
लेखन समय – एक घंटा
(स्वरचित कविताओं पर आधारित )
प्रस्तुतीकरण की अवधि  -तीन मिनट कक्षा – नवीं से बारहवीं  
कविताओं  के विषय प्रतियोगिता स्थल पर दिए जाएँगे |   
लेखन समय -एक घंटा
Sanskrit संस्कृत श्लोका सस्वर पाठ Competition
हिंदी गीत – संस्कृत अनुवादः
1 min For Classes VI to VIII
For Classes IX & X
Fine Arts 70 Glorious years
On-the-spot Painting Competition.
1 hour 30 mins. Students will bring their own drawing boards, art material and colours.  Only A3 size Cartridge sheet will be provided.
Performing Arts
1. Indian Vocal   Music

2. Indian Instrumental Music
3.Classical/Contemporary/Folk Dance4. Western Vocal music5.Western Instrumental Music

Jashan-e-AzadiMusic & Dance Competitions

Theme : Patriotic

Genre: Bhajan/Classical

(Any Raga).

2 mins

Vocal performances may be accompanied

by any two of the following musical

instruments: Tabla/ Harmonium/ Sitar

played by the singer and a student of the


2 mins Tabla/ Harmonium/ Sitar can be provided by the school. Apart from these the participants must bring their own instruments.
2 mins Students must bring their background music in a pen drive.
A Tribute to freedom The theme and lyrics of the song should centre around emotions of pride, loyalty, courage, patriotism, brotherhood, etc 2 mins Students can play their own instruments or use a background track. Background tracks have to reach Mr. Sothingam by 8th August 2017 through email id [email protected]
2 mins Students are required to get their own instruments. Keyboard & Drums will be provided by the school, but the students are required to bring their own drumsticks.
General Science Science Quiz 1 hour 30mins

Elimination Round & Final Round

Classes VI -VIII

Classes IX -XII

Social Sciences Attires- Down the Ages 1 min.

Ethnic & Traditional Costumes from any period of Indian History /State of India

Classes VI-VIII

Classes IX-XII


Ready- Steady-Go

Track Events

VI –VIII-Lemon and Spoon Race

IX – XII- Flat Race (100m)

  • Dress Code: School Uniform except in events where costumes are required.
  • RFID Cards are mandatory for all students.
  • All Competitions will be Solo in two categories: VI- VIII and IX-XII.
  • The judges’ decision will be final and binding for all the competitive events.

We would like maximum participation in the various events. Students may volunteer for any one activity in the category in which they are eligible. We seek your cooperation in making the celebration a success by ensuring that your wards are dropped and picked up from school on time. Please return the Consent Slip by Wednesday, 9th August 2017, to the Class Teacher to facilitate the smooth organization of the celebrations.

Click here for Online Registration  Registration Open from Saturday, 5th August, 2017
(You are required to log into your official email account to register for the events)

Click here for the Consent – Compulsory


With regards,

Yours sincerely,