Value of the Month April 2018


Objective: To promote knowledge of Sharing, Compassion and Empathy amongst all students.

Class VI

Teachers discussed concepts of Empathy, Compassion and Sharing with the students in the class. Class teachers and subject worked to inculcate the same in the students through various activities.

They spoke about the ways in which one can adopt these values in day to day life. The students put up posters, quotations and slogans related to the topics in the class. They also shared various thoughts, stories and incidents related to the topics.

Class VII

The year began by emphasizing the importance of some of the most important values on which human society rests and has progressed for so long.

The topic was discussed in all the sections. Students were inspired to share, work harmoniously and feel, understand and respond to the suffering of others. The class teachers spoke about the importance of the same in day to day life using true stories and examples. The subtle difference between sympathy and empathy was explained to them using examples from daily life as well as the poem ‘Home and Love’ from their Literary Reader. Students of all sections decorated the class boards with beautiful quotes related to the topic.

Class VIII

The new session began with the students imbibing the values of Empathy and Compassion for their fellow beings. Sharing was encouraged.

To this effect various quotes were put up in the classrooms. The Class teachers and Subject teachers emphasized upon having empathy towards others. Students demonstrating these values were appreciated. They recounted their experiences and feeling of joy upon sharing. These values also inspired the ‘Thought for the Day’ which was written on the board on a daily basis.