Assembly X-H 31-07-2015

Class: X-H
Class Teacher : Ms. Jyoti Sharma
Class Rep : Ms. Anjana/Ms. Kavita Saxena
Headmistress: Ms. Vanita Sehgal
Topic: The Epiphanies Of Life
Date :31/7/15

Cultural Program Incharge : Ms. Usha Diptivilasa

IT Incharge : Ms. Sarika Kaushal

Photography : Mr. Shankar
Video : Mr. Joseph

A higher calling, a purpose, a vision. The realization that we are all merely cogs of a humongous universe while a whole universe exists within us… that’s what the assembly put forward by X-H symbolizes. Personifying all the revelations of our life, several themes varying from the worth of love to the value of the present time were imparted with astonishing honesty and passion.