Mock, Stalk and Quarrel

Aryan Huria is a contributing author in the anthology, “Mock, Stalk and Quarrel”. He is a 16-year-old, class 11 student in DPS R.K. Puram. Writing comes naturally to him. He has won many national level contests for his prolific writing including an award for the most popular story, organized by Litagram. He likes to play table tennis and read books in his free time. This is his second anthology, after ‘Tonights the Night’. Aryan is also passionate about public speaking. He has been writing since class IX and has his own blog, Aryan is the youngest author in this collection of short stories.

Mock, Stalk & Quarrel is a collection of 29 satirical stories, penned by prolific writers and bestselling authors, that attempts to mock, question, defy, and raise a voice against issues that matter. Published by Readomania, it is India’s first satirical anthology and is now available on Amazon and in stores across India.

Naima Kalra Gupta of Class XII – X, Authors a book, “Seventeen Takes”.

“Seventeen Takes”, is a mix of fiction and non fiction pieces about everything a teenager experiences, ranging from formulating a sense of identity and realizing (or not) who you are. It is about the self, the war that wages within all of us. Figuring out what to do with one’s life, lamenting the loss of an innocent childhood, coming to terms with changing beliefs and ideals and developing new ideas are themes that feature prominently in this book. Published by Rupa, this book is now available on Amazon and in stores across India.

Naima has strong interests in writing and mathematics. She has been writing since class 8 and has her blog at In Naima’s own words, “I don’t write to change the world. Romantic though that notion is, I don’t think that is the purpose of literature. That isn’t the purpose of art in general.”

Naima is also passionate about Basketball and has played for the school team since class 9. She has also played in the National School Games representing the IPSC team. Naima has excelled in academics while indulging in her interests. She also likes to play the piano and paint in her free time.



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