International Admissions – 2015

An Unmatched Record !

The students of DPS R.K. Puram have already secured 640 admissions to the top universities in the US, UK, Canada and Hong Kong ! Many, many more results are awaited, from the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, S. Korea, Australia and New Zealand. We set our own records and challenge ourselves further each year. The school’s stupendous results in foreign admissions is unparalleled, both in India and abroad.

Outstanding Achievements

  1. The School has secured 15 admissions to the prestigious Ivy League institutions. There were only 8 last year.
  2. This year there have been 2 admissions to Stanford University, as opposed to none last year. The students are: Aditya Khandelwal and Ipsitaa Khullar.
  3. 3 studentsof the school have secured admission to Yale University –  the only 3 to have been admitted from Delhi NCR. Their names are: Anvay Tewari, Ipsitaa Khullar and Aditya Khandelwal. Once again the DPS R.K. Puram banner is flying higher, as there were no admissions to Yale from the school last year.
  4. For the first time in the history of the school, DPS R.K. Puram has secured an admission to Yale – NUS in Singapore, which is a very prestigious and competitive admission, due to limited seats and exceptionally high standards. Prateek Swain has secured the admission.

Other Highlights

    1. The School secured 3 admissions in the early cycle (Early Action/ Early Decision) to Princeton, Yale and Cornell Universities (Ivy League institutions). The students are: Saumya Umashankar, Anvay Tewari and Vasudha Mathur, respectively.
      No Name of the Student Scholarships
      1 Anvay Tewari at Yale University to pursue Economics and Maths. $ 65, 267p.a.
      2 Raghav Batra at Drexel University to study Maths. $ 68,158 p.a.
      3 Ipsitaa Khullar at Stanford University to study Economics, Psychology and Music. $ 49,000 p.a
      4 Raghav Batra at Richmond University to study Maths. $ 48,090 p.a.
      5 Animesh Singh to study Economics at the University of Hong Kong. Animesh has also secured All India Rank 2 in CLAT ie. Common Law Admission Test-2015. HKD 93,000 p.a.
      6 Ipsitaa Khullar at Yale University to study Economics and Psychology. $ 54,200 p.a.
      7 Tanish Pratap at University of Hong Kong, Science and Technology, to study Economics and Finance. HKD 120,000 (fo rthe first year)
    2. Some of the students of DPS R.K. Puram have been awarded outstanding scholarships and/or financial aid, to pursue their higher education in the institutions of their choice. The note-worthy ones include :
      No Name of the Student Scholarships
      1 Leishemba K. Thoidingjam at the University of Hong Kong HKD 146,000 p.a.
      2 Bhavyta Chauhan at Florida International University $ 23,000 p.a.
      3 Bhavyta Chauhan at Troy University $ 27,000 p.a.
      4 Vidur Sharma at the University of Hong Kong HKD 146,000 p.a.
      5 Mallika Gokarn at the University of Hong Kong HKD 146,000 p.a.
      6 Adit Pawha at Deakin University, Australia The Vice Chancellor’s 100% scholarship AUS$ 27,000 p.a.
      7 Aishwarya Tripathi at Furman University $ 45,500 p.a.
      8 Aditya Khandelwal at Harvey Mudd College $ 40,000 p.a. in addition to the So Scholarship of ($ 200,000)
      9 Katyayani Singh at Lafayette College $ 40,000 p.a.
      10 Smriti Grover at City University of Hong Kong HKD 120,000
      11 Tanish Pratap at the University of Hong Kong HKD 146,000
      12 Katyayani Singh at the University of Hong Kong HKD 146,000
    3. 100% tuition scholarships have also been awarded to the following:
      No Name of the Student Scholarships
      1 Anvay Tewari $ 46,610 p.a.
      2 Saumya Umashankar $ 44,560 p.a.
      3 Prateek Swain $ 42,000 p.a.
      4 Ipsitaa Khullar $ 40,000 p.a.

Princeton University has offered scholarships to all the admitted students. This has no precedent in the history of the school:

Many more results are to be declared this year, to the most reputed universities worldwide, in USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, S.Korea, Australia and New Zealand.

And as in the previous years, we hope to set new records and scale greater heights than ever before.



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